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Title: Bunker up
Post by: RMF on June 24, 2011, 18:24:34
Cyberwar may be not as far away as we all think. I'm not saying next month hell will break loose, but for example the Dutch government isn't prepared for a full-scale cyber attack. There are thounsands ifnot millions of people who could take down our entire networking infrastructure on their own. A test to see how well our government would stand against a well designed computer virus (like Stuxnet in Iran) turned out that government networks, airports and even traffic lights would fail when it strikes.
I'm sure that well organised attack could do something similar to France or Russia.

Again, I'm not saying this will happen or will happen soon, it is just not as far away as people think it is. Also you don't have to sit scared in the corner waiting for it to happen, there is nothing you can do. Just make sure your important data is backed up on an offline system (USB stick which is not plugged in for example) and everything will be fine ^^