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Title: Rules
Post by: RMF on April 29, 2010, 21:38:36
1) Fun
We play for fun, and that is our first and most important rule. Also when possible try to make the game fun for others, which brings us to rule 2:

2) Fairness
To keep the games fun for everyone, we play fair. We don't cheat, scream because we loose or join the winning team. Also on tournaments we act like sportsman and play all gametypes, even though we might not be good at it we play it because other teams play our favorite gametype too. We just play and have fun.

3) Friendlyness
'W00t u 4rE N00B W3 0Wn U' is not our favorite saying. We'd rather give the other team or player tips how to do better, without being a wiseacre of course. We also like just hanging around and chatting with others. When someone is insulting one of us and another sees it, we stand in for each other. Not insulting back (or actually that depends on what he/she exactly says), but if it is two versus one he'll shut up soon enough. Ignoring also tends to help, we'll own people lowering themselves to that level anyway.

Note: exeptions to rule 2 and 3 are when we meet someone aimbotting or cheating in any way, while we're not playing a fun match where we all cheat. Though even then we still make the best of it and have fun, or just leave and do whatever else we'd enjoy doing.