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1366  Other / About the website / Logo on: December 14, 2009, 14:53:01
Anyone got a bit drawwing talent for making a logo? I can't draw a thing so can someone make something? Smiley thx
1367  Other / About the website / What do you think? on: December 14, 2009, 11:25:56
Please rate and comment if you have any suggestions Smiley
1368  Clan stuff / Clan - join us / what i would write if i would want to join on: December 14, 2009, 10:59:37
Topictitle was 'RMF wants to join' before but i thought it would be confusing untill you read the topic. This title is some more descriptive Smiley From here original post
As clan founder of course I am in the clan and donít need to write an application, but part of the main thought behind the clan is that we are a bunch of friends playing together. In the extend of that we are all about equal. So you have the right to know just as much about me as I do about you. Therefore: here is my ďapplicationĒ. (btw you can also use it as example if you don't know what to write)

Hey all Smiley Iím RMF (Luc in real life). I am 16 years old (at the moment) and com from the Netherlands.
I would like to join IO because I think it is a great clan with great players, and I love playing with you (just pretending only tiny and whipper are in). Also I like the Ďthoughtí behind the clan that you donít just let any random soul join you, but that we have to be friends (which I think I can say Cheesy).
I have been playing openarena for just a bit more than a year now, although it feels like double times that. I can usually play at evenings from 8pm till 10.30pm, weekend depends. Usually I can play sunday all day, but not always.
Hobbys? Hmm exept for Ďcomputeringí and gaming (which is mostly openarena) I donít really have any. I am currently doing an IT study (for the ones who donít know what IT is: computers and networking them and helping users and such), first year now.
For music, I like listening to metal (varies from some trash metal to almost rock to symphonic metal to uhm yea all kinds of metal). I donít have special tv-series I like watching. I nearly never watch TV (if I do itís something like discovery channel). Youtube for clips and thepiratebay for documentaries and movies works a lot better than tv Cheesy
Hmm what more can I say.. Oh yes I had to post my e-mail address: You can reach me on msn on the same address Smiley
Well I guess thatís it. I hope you can let me in! (lmao if someone dares to say no)
1369  Other / Offtopic / Other games on: December 14, 2009, 10:54:13
How about playing some other games too? Iím sure ya all know Duke Nukem 3D Wink Released in 1996 but still kicks ass and chews bublegum Cheesy (Ďits time to kick ass and chew bublegum, and im all out of gumí is one of the most famous quotes from dukenukem). As far as I know there are no active players anymore, I only saw a online game with 2 players and some bots last year when I was going to play it with someone else. All development on remakes stoped (as fas as i know), but there are some free working versions for online, and probably a ton of maps too.

Or HoverRace. Released in 1997 by the famous software company Grokksoft.. Nah that is a lie noone knows the game Tongue (and the company quit 2/3 years later after HR being their only game). Though it was pretty populair at the time. I was just lucky to have an old demo CD I got once when I was a child. On that was hoverrace demo. I found the cd last year june 17th (that i remember that Shocked) and started playing and met the community (which is real small, and it gets smaller every year). The game is now being developed by one or two developers as free opensource software (didnít hear from the second dev for months though), but at least is is making a bit progress. For example it now works in 32 bit mode so you donít have to switch to 256 colors anymore Cheesy Disadvantage is that you need to forward ports, previously you needed to join a hamachi goup (hamachi is an program which makes the computer believe the others in the hamachigroup are in the same local-area-network as you. This way you can play games online which usually can only be played on LAN).
But seriously, I talk a bit joking about the game but multiplayer can still be real fun. Or trying to beat the best time ever recorded is a nice pasttime too Smiley If you would ever download it try the track The Alley 2, and beat the world record of 36seconds.... I didnít get less than 48 so far Wink
Hmm I didnít actually say yet what the game is.. Well you are a hovercraft(racer) and the craft can jump and shoot and use some items like cans for speed and rockets. The standard goal is to drive rounds as fast as possible, but there are tons of posibilities with this game. For example there are tracks for:
-standard racing from all dificulties
-hoverrace hockey, one player is the puck and 2 or 4 (we dont have more players :|) play
-football, similar to hockey but larger and faster
-golf, one player is the ball and another player bumps him (there is no damage in the game, even rockets make you only have no control a few secs)
-war, get the least hits and hit time most with your rockets Cheesy
-wrestling, there are some maps where you have a ring and you have to push the other player out
-sort of pong, you have two sides and you can shoot trough but not move through. The goal is to get the other team in the gap behind them.

POD. Actually we should send thousands of mails to ubisoft untill we finally can get or buy the original full vesion of it. That racing game is so awesome! Whipper knows what Iím talking about. I found this on the same CD that contained hoverrace, but it is a demo so no split screen or online. I canít find the full version anywhere on the web (only some stupid remake). Men it would be so awesome if we could play that online XD

Or how about a more modern game maybe. Hmm another quake-engine based game like Call of Duty 2? You can play CoD2 free over the internet, if you know where to get your stuff at least Smiley I play it sometimes with another friend.
Cod6 (modernwarfare2) is cool too, but not everyone can run it and i canít get it to play online yet. The lastest patch is not cracked yet. The other callofdutys suck so who wants cod2? Some guy even made a map of where I go to a lanparty every summer and it is an allright replica so I can show you Cheesy

If someone would like to we could also play RedAlert2 or Kaneís Wrath from the Command and Conquer series. Dunno if Tiberian Sun works online (or lan is good enough, hamachi fixes the gap between lan and internet).
Orr I got some NES emulator with supermario, if someone could get the multiplayer to work.. Cheesy

So what do you think, play some?
1370  Welcome / News / Re: Great news people! on: December 13, 2009, 22:54:49
yep  Grin Cheesy Cool
and add some emoticons, i <3 those from the GOD website, they have really everything
1371  Welcome / News / Great news people! on: December 13, 2009, 22:05:44
Guess what, the website is created and ready for action Cheesy
1372  Other / About the website / ads on the forum and firefox fixing that on: December 13, 2009, 18:03:22
There are two ways to disable the ads on this website:
One. Pay. Yeah **** I'm not gonna pay, even if I wanted to I can't (got no online banking account or whatever you would need for that).
Second. Download a decent webbrowser. It's called firefox with the addon 'adblock plus'. It blocks any ads from any website (or at least 99% according to my experience). click here for firefox, here for adblock plus and here for adblock plus guide

So you may choose to either view the ads or use a better browser. Your choise Wink

btw now you are using firefox, I can recommend some more addons. One is autopager (just google it or search in the mozila addons database), it loads the next page of search results under the first one without you touching a button. Goes automaticly when you scroll further down Smiley
Another useful one is ErrorZilla Plus, when a website cannot be reached you now got several more options.
Hyperwords is handy to quickly translate something or lookup a definition. Select something, rightclick, and select for example translate from english to dutch. The word will be translated in seconds and replaces the old word without you needing to leave the webpage.
Resizable textarea allows you to resize textareas, so for example where you type replies in on forums. Really nice if you make longer posts Smiley
'google.cmo' he damnit i meant .com of course. Well the 'URL fixer' addon knows this and auto-fixes the typo!
Thumbnail expander is also a handy thing, just hover over a link which leads to a picture and the picture will popup within the webpage. Move the mouse and it just disappears again!
Text link. Know that when people post plain text links which you have to first select, then copy, then open a new tab and then paste the link and then goto the link.. sigh just install this addon and you doubleclick on the text-link and it auto-opens in a new tab!

Those are imo the most usefull addons, I got a ton more myself but those are just personal and it could be that you don't like them. Install those above and you will never ever want to go back to another browser without all of this Cool
1373  Other / Offtopic / W00T on: December 12, 2009, 23:51:46
Confirmed: website perfectly working from cell phone! Now I can spam 24/7 Cheesy
btw hi whipper if ure still online!
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