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News: domain remains.
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Welcome to IO^CLAN

We are an Openarena clan founded in January 2010, mainly playing instantgib. Having fun is the most important, but if you want a good fight or training just give a yell here :)
We hope you enjoy the website and see you in openarena!

PS. If you have a minute, write someting in our guestbook ^^

Clan News
xx The domain works again :D
July 07, 2020, 22:01:16 by RMF
Thanks to diho, you can use again! I know this is the moment you've all been waiting for Grin

Apparently Dot TK first asks some money and then, when you're apparently not ready to pay some months (year?) later, it's available for free again. I tried registering, first it told me it couldn't confirm I'm not a robot (I checked in the mirror and, well, I see their point), then I hackishly transferred my session from private browsing to a normal browsing window but it gave me some vague but different error, then I tried the whole thing in a normal browsing window from the start and I got the same error message (they probably just hate Germans or something (I have a German IP address these days)), and then Diho tried to register it and it worked for him Smiley

Aaaaaaand now, writing this a few hours after the registration, they're having issues and a lot of .tk domains are down xD. Hopefully you can use it by the time you read this.

Surely somebody still reads this, right?

Right guys?
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xx The .tk domain finally broke
March 06, 2019, 00:30:24 by RMF
I put in my calendar "renew ioclan dot tk domain" for March 3rd. I have 14 days for it, so imagine my surprise when I found no domains in my account today. It apparently expired at the end of February... No clue how that happened Sad

So now you really need to use, but you already know that because you're reading this.

Happy, uh, browsing the archives? Tongue
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xx Problem with the front page
February 27, 2012, 22:42:52 by RMF
If anyone notices something different or missing on the front page, I quote, "Your powers of observation continue to serve you well". This is what's going on:

Tl;dr: Something broke during an update of the forum, I just posted about it on the support forums. There is no private news board because of this now. May get fixed, may not. I hope it will but I can't do anything myself :/.
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xx Follow-up about the domain
February 15, 2012, 23:37:31 by RMF

Guess we're good, no need to change bookmarks and stuff. Their e-mail about this was very unclear, but it's clear now. We can use it as long as we want ^^.
If I forget to do this next time (Feb 2013), I'll buy the domain for at least a year, allright? xD
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xx The domain
February 06, 2012, 01:27:25 by RMF
Hello everyone,

(tl;dr: There is a summary below.)

As you may or may not know, we are still using this forum from time to time. I promoted the .tk domain,, as much as possible in the past because .tk domains need visitors to remain active (25 in 90 days). has changed their policy on that. It's not exactly clear to me how it works now, but it seems I can use the domain up to 12 months from now if I keep updating it in the .tk admin panel (I'll set reminders for that). At the very least we can use it to the end of this month.

In short, .tk domains became finite, you can't keep it forever for free with the only restriction that it needs to generate some visitors. Therefore I made another shortcut for the long url:

Try it, type in your browser's address bar and you will get the ioclan homepage!
It seems that for some, "" is a "bit" hard to remember (phun intended). Tinyurl is a bit more memorable, so works too!
For the real character counting die-hards, I lastly created

Summary for the lazy ones:
Update your bookmarks/favorites! The domain is not sure to remain alive, please use one of the following in the future:
- or

Also update any links to us on your own clan website. You can also use the real URL if you like,, it's just a bit longer and probably less easy to remember.
End of summary.

(Damn this feels nostalgic, posting a news post... I hardly see the forum index nowadays, I just go to the newest post from the homepage. Using the index to go to the news board and posting a message felt like going back in time a year and a half.)

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xx What's become of our ex-members
January 15, 2011, 10:52:42 by BigDaddy
First post in the news section from a non-leader! Cheesy Now, I'll give the word to B!gDaddy:[/b

Seems like everything is over - most of IO`s found their way in oa, so let`s look at results:

RMF( Luc )- joined GoD

Tiny( Simon )- joined GoD

B!gDaddy( Andrew )- joined GoD

Wh!pP3r(Charly Grin)- clanless, plays sometimes on supeR, instangib, 13/4 and some other insta serves.

Oleg(Ed)- inactive Sad found a good job and now very busy irl. Prolly will never back to oa.

T!tanium( Robin )- back to oa, joined Mega(?)

Diho ( Timo )- joined Evil.

Seems like strAnger and VagabondBGS are inactive now.

AssY( Christian )- joined *SoS* clan.

SamSpeed is in AFO, but atm clan is inactive.

Drunken( Adrian )- joined Evil, active sometimes but plays mostly HATE_QUAKELIVE.

Oxyd( Flavio )- joined chS.

Pain( Klaus )- free player.

Cheers( Mihkel )- clanless but prolly stoped oa.

BlueSKY( Jakub )- inactive.

BonchiOsamu( Nao )- clanless player, seems wont join any clan

Not bad results, thanks for reading.
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xx Registrations disabled
January 05, 2011, 20:17:40 by RMF
You cannot make a new account on this website anymore. I've set the strongest possible captcha (letters to type over from image), and required people to click a link in an e-mail. This should stop most bots, but they keep registering. I'm really afraid that some poor chinese are just typing captchas all day long actually Shocked
So to prevent this forum from getting spammed some day I've simply disabled registrations completely. You can register on this website by emailing me:
Sorry to anyone who wanted to register for whatever reason, but I don't want to have to ban 3 bots every 2 days (that's about the current rate at which they are registering).
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xx Very sad message
December 26, 2010, 02:37:26 by RMF
Hello everyone.

I'm sorry to have to break your Christmas with such news as this, but we've finally made the decision. IO is going to close.

Damn that was a hard sentence to get over with. I'll miss this place a lot, everything we've build since little over a year ago... But it's the right thing, we aren't active enough to stay alive as a clan on our own.

Well as the people who know me are used to, I love colleting statistics. So here's a nice list lol:
2 715 - Unique visitors per month (average).
35 295 - Total number of unique people visiting our website.
89 777 - Total number of pages loaded by those visitors.
6 906 - Average number of pages loaded every month.
7 020 - Number of people visiting our website in August (busiest month).
13 629 - Number of pages viewed by our visitors in August.
1 210 - Number of posts in August (averaging nearly 40 posts every day).
6 514 - Number of posts we made in total (excluding this one).
4 140 - Number of posts by Tiny and me (omfg lol).
18.93 - Ammount of posts per day (averaged - and im surprised Shocked).
12d15h - Time I spent on this forum.
12d02h - Time Tiny spent on this forum (owned =D).
367 - Total numer of topics (Me: 171 - Tiny: 61).
39% - Traffic from France (last 500 visits).
25% - Traffic from Mother Russia (last 500..).
14% - Traffic from Italy (WTF do italians do here Shocked)
6% - Traffic from me - aka traffic from the netherlands Tongue
55 - Posts by the most posting non-clanmember (and who has never been in). Gratz Peter Sillie, you just made it into the top-10 of most active posters!
838 - Number of posts we made in the Nr.100 topic, but we'll go to 1000!
Just over 1 year - Time IO lived.

Allright I guess that's enough for now lol. Here is our stats center if you want to see more:
And the statcounter statistics are public too, though I didn't know untill i checked like a second ago Tongue

Then let's move on to more serious business.

I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting the clan in any way for the past year. Especially I'll be naming our members and ex-members (not in order):
- Tiny for his friendship, even before we were in W.B= together (which was before we started IO, for the less informed). Also I'd like to thank him hugely for his sublime leadership the last months.
- Wh!pP3r for bringing in very good ideas often and cheering me up so often (no matter what was on my mind, I'd be sure to get rid of it within 3 minutes when he was on msn).
- Diho for the nice programming work, both for this website, OACon, and other projects we worked on and are working on.
- Oleg for always trying to bring in new ideas to improve things.
- BigDaddy for being so cheerfull (might sound silly, but it's something not everyone is Wink )
- Titanium also for being cheerfull and nice to play with.

Then everyone who contributed to our clan by being a nice part of the family:
- strAnger
- VagabondBGC
- AssY
- SamSpeed
- drunken
- Oxyd
- Pain
- Cheers
- BlueSKY
- Bonchi Osamu

That you don't have a special description doesn't mean we don't like you Wink Tongue Without you IO wouldn't be where it is right now (and I'm not referring to the fact that we're closing now lol... you get what I mean).

Then I'd like to announce that Tiny and I will move to our 'cousin-clan': *Revolution. Oleg, BigDaddy, Titanium: You are welcome as well Smiley (we've talked with Stoner already). More details on the internal forums soon (tomorrow ifnot tonight). I also want to appologise that we have to close IO, and maybe that we didn't discuss this with you but just made the decision. I believe it was the right thing though, we wouldn't have done it if we had any doubt. Sorry if I make you sad by this though.
For Bonchi and BlueSKY, I'm sorry but you did not show enough activity on the forums. Because of that, I can't offer the same invitation to you I'm afraid. You are free to apply on your own of course.
Btw to oleg/daddy/tita: You are, ofcourse, also free to do whatever you prefer, if you would rather stay clanless or join another clan we're completely fine with that. It's just that we didn't want to leave our members without an option to join us in a future family. I've experienced once when the rM leader closed the clan and just deleted the website, it was quite a sad day... Didn't want to do that to our loved members, it's sad enough IO isn't active enough to exist on it's own.

This website will remain for as long as possible, after that I hope the internet archive ( will have records of this website... It should already have but I can't find anything at the moment. Else I'll try to backup the website some day, just a view-only version (smfforfree doesn't let me download the database), so we can at least read it. Reply if you would want this.
The permissions will remain the same, our current members will be able to view the private forums in the future and everyone else won't. Old members could be concidered though (just reply or pm me).

So... well that's pretty much it I think... could be I forgot tons of stuff, but don't think so lol. If someone else has some impressive speech, I'll quote you on the bottom of this post so people don't have to read the entire topic to see it (not sure if we'll get many replies though.. but incase).

Hmm I did forget one thing: I should thank SMF For Free for the hosting with only now and then some minor problems. For someone who just needs a simple though quite customisable forum it's a very nice start Smiley I wouldn't start the forum here again now (because I can't edit the PHP and backup the database myself), but I'm not as newb anymore so for others who are less experienced with this stuff it's still recommendable ^^

Best wishes for the future to all, especially with the new year around the corner.

RMF (aka Luc)
Proud to be :) ex-clanleader and website administrator of IO.

PS: I used nicknames rather than our real names incase someone prefers his name not to be known to the whole world.
PS2: I forgot to add: if anyone got any questions at all, please ask them (just reply)!! Smiley
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xx Banned 10 bots
November 27, 2010, 21:23:20 by RMF
Hi all,
I banned 10 bots again today, and send 3 messages to accounts which I don't trust (requesting a confirmation that they're human lol).
Because of this, the captcha is set to high (you know, the code you have to type in some box from an image), and  a couple of e-mail services aren't allowed anymore (actually hotmail and gmail are abused too a lot, but I don't want to ban them.. Might be needed in the future but hopefully not). Also I'll be notified now when someone registers on the site, but that's trivial to you.

If you got banned from the forum, you can PM me on another clan website (I'm registered on most, and probably have email notification on). Or e-mail me, my email is probably somewhere on the forum anyway.
Yeah, google for " lucb1e -comli" (without "") and I got my email address in the second result Tongue

If you have an address, also tell me so I'll de-ban users.

Apologees for any trouble this may cause, but it might cause us a lot more trouble if the bots were active or when they would become active Wink
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xx Mumble
November 03, 2010, 12:51:26 by RMF
@members: I've taken the mumble serverstatus viewer off the site as it wasn't working anymore :<
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July 08, 2020, 15:24:57 diho says: We should wake up the others. Would be nice to do some (online) reunion or something
July 07, 2020, 21:21:17 RMF says: Alive and kicking! Been playing OA a bit lately as well actually... like 3 times in the past 2 months Tongue
July 07, 2020, 10:02:37 diho says: So, everyone still alive?
December 18, 2018, 22:06:46 RMF says: Happy christmas and 2019! Wink
January 09, 2011, 22:42:37 AssY says: uhhhh ahhhh
January 08, 2011, 07:43:52 BigDaddy says: Actually we celebrate christmas on 7th of January Tongue
January 07, 2011, 11:56:30 Tiny says: Hum... russians are weird i already knew that, but christmas was some weeks before Tongue
January 07, 2011, 09:12:10 BigDaddy says: Merry Christmas guys! Cheesy
December 25, 2010, 07:48:42 Oxyd says: Cheesy Cheesy isn't it the same ?
December 24, 2010, 18:42:16 Oleg says: Merry Chrismas!!! xD
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